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The Wireless Warehouse is designed to be implemented either as individual or as a complete set of modules:

Bin Management
Stock Put Away
Physical / Cycle Count

Electrical Distributors chose ESC’s RF Warehouse Management system to gain greater control over their inventory processes. Whether taking a modular approach, or purchasing the entire system, they are able to take advantage of every aspect of their inventory control including Bin Management, Inventory Control (cycle / physical count), Receiving, Put Away, and Picking.

ESC's RF Warehouse Management system frees the user from the limitations of hand-written logistics which require printed reports and pointless re-entry of data at a terminal. With multiple processes available within a single application, the user is able to complete their task in a timely fashion, enforcing accuracy every step of the way. Having a real-time hook into the distributor’s back end system means that data processed on a hand-held is immediately available for all other users in the organization.

20 distributors in over 50 locations are experiencing first hand the advantages and cost savings of a proven real-time barcode system

  • Over seven years of proven experience
  • Real time functionality
  • Competitively priced
  • "Pay As You Go" training
  • Compatible with Array™


Warehouses that do not currently have bin locations set up in their system can speed the process up vastly by using the RF Wireless Warehouse Bin Management module.

  • "Train" items to bin locations using the hand held
  • Manually locate items not recognized by the scanner
  • Create new bin locations directly in the hand held
  • Remove items from a bin
  • Replace existing bin with new bin to move entire contents in one go
  • Move items between bins


  • Receiving process can be conducted on the loading bay: no need to return to a terminal
  • Users can pick from two types of receiving:
    - Staging. All material is received and then put away
    - One-Step. Items are shelved and received at the same time
  • Receive Single or Multiple POs from the same vendor at one time
  • Outer carton barcode can be associated with the inner carton barcode, making the receiving process faster and more efficient
  • Option to manually locate items not recognized by the scanner
  • Alerted to overages or shortages automatically
  • Print item labels directly from the hand held
  • Create bar code labels for items with no manufacturer bar code directly from the hand held
  • Build a database of items for manufacturers that don't supply bar codes and bar code labels will automatically print each time prior to receiving process
  • Back ordered items become available in the system quicker
  • Back order tickets can be released directly from the handheld
  • Defective items can be logged at the time of receiving
  • Cut wire allocation fully integrated


This is a small application that allows the user to identify where received stock should be shelved. By scanning the item bar code a list of locations for that item is displayed.


  • Count by bin range
  • User only allowed to count bins in selected cycle range
  • Cycle Count - mix both scanned counts and paper counts (system identifies both)
  • If the item is not recognized as part of the bin, user is prompted to add item to bin or cancel
  • Hand held screen displays:
    - Bin Number
    - Item Number
    - Bin OHB
    - Whse OHB
    - Allocated quantity
    - On Order quantity
    - Current counts
  • Alerted to uncounted items automatically and given the choice to:
    - Report uncounted items (paper report)
    - See uncounted items (on screen)
    - Set all uncounted item counts to zero
    - Count uncounted items


ESC’s RF Picking is the latest module release for its highly successful RF Wireless Warehouse system which includes a suite of applications covering every aspect of warehouse management.


  • Pick multiple orders
  • Order number validation (no billed or previously picked orders can be picked)
  • Directed picking by bin location sequence
  • Bin sequence override by selecting from a list of bin locations within the order(s)
  • Correct Bin location verification
  • Directed picking by item number sequence
  • Item sequence override by selecting from a list of items within the bin location
  • Correct Item verification
  • Option to pick item balance from a secondary bin (items placed on temporary “held” list)
    - select from a list of held items at the end of the picking session
    - select from a list of secondary bins for held items
  • Picked quantity verification:
    - prompted if picked quantity doesn't equal required quantity
    - cannot pick more than allocated
  • Option to pick item balance from a secondary bin if primary bin quantity is insufficient (items placed on temporary "held" list)
    - select from a list of held items at the end of the picking session
    - select from a list of secondary bins for held items
  • Universal Hold Order recovery with no loss of data:
    - place picking session on manual hold if required
    - failed connection or session time out returns user to next bin / item in sequence
  • Quality Event codes added to order


  • Picking process is verified - correct bin, correct item, correct quantity
  • Picking staff cannot pick more than is allocated to the order blocking "stealing" from other allocated orders
  • Ability to track the progress of an order is increased through the addition of the picking event code

Optional Add-ons

  • Bar-coded user sign-on
  • Bar-coded pick tickets
  • Email change order notices