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With software companies increasingly hesitant to write “custom” modifications to older legacy systems, distributors find themselves in a compromising position when it comes to extending the life span of their software investment. Custom programming is a highly specialized area and requires expert knowledge and understanding of back-end processes to be implemented effectively.

Rather than abandon the needs of its customer base, ESC continues to devote the time and energy of key developers to provide this type of service to legacy systems. In this way, these distributors can protect their software investment and in fact realize ROI’s for many years to come.

Common Cobol Applications:

Contracts / Rebates

  • GE Contracts
  • Web Contract Builder

Emailing of Data

  • Price Books
  • Order Acknowledgements
  • Quotes
  • Reports
  • Rebates
  • POS

Bar-coded Label Printing

  • Shipping Labels
  • Item Labels
  • Showroom Tags

Frame Programs

  • Pricing Tools
  • Inventory Tools: Safety stock, Lead Time, mods.
  • File Maintenance (Item, Whse, Customer, Pricing)


Forms Changes

Back end integration for other solutions

  • Warehouse Management
  • TicketTraK – Pick ticket Tracking

Specific Programming Requests:


  • ESC02B Deletes warehouse records that have been inactive for six months or more. >>Read more
  • ESCFXS Changes type S items with no warehouse record to type P. >>Read more
  • DELETP Deletes type P items that have had no activity for a specified period of time. >>Read more

E-PRICE BOOK Automatically emails a customer a price book

SPDCON Speed Contract Program allows for faster updating of contracts from a list, similar to MBS325. The user can select the contract, then those items within the contract by misc-sort field, line-buy, or product grouping, or any combination of the above.
>> See screen shots (PDF)

CUSINV Ability to print out invoices by customer and by data range

Ticket Trak This is a simple barcode application that allows a distributor to track the progress of an order through its various stages by scanning barcoded event codes. The scan also captures user data and is written back to the Quality System in Array™
>> Read More

Hubbell Rebate Extraction Program This program creates an E-Claim file which includes all of the information that Hubbell requires for reporting rebate items. A file is emailed to the inside contact person for forwarding to Hubbell

ESC186 This frame program creates pricing records in MBS186 based on user input (linebuy, product group, ranking, PMC value, multipliers) and attaches the new pricing record in those items that match the user defined criteria

ESCCON This frame program takes a .csv file exported from Outlook, Gold Mine etc. and imports it into the Array™ Contact Database (MBS438) saving hours of retyping.

Customer Price Book / Purchase History Program that prompts for a customer account number and a date range and retrieves last invoice number, date, unit sell price, unit cost and total quantity sold. Data saved in delimited file for import into Excel / Word. Unlike MBS288, this program runs extremely fast and reflects a customer's true buying history.

Price Look Up The set of programs makes sales averages available via a function key in line item detail of sales order entry. Averages include average sell price, lowest sell price and most used sell price, for last year and year to date.

Email Buyer If Receiving Discrepancy This modification to MBS065 sends an email to the buyer of a PO when an item is received at a quantity less than ordered. Option to carbon copy additional staff by warehouse.

Log Lost Sales within Sales Order Entry This simple interface enables the user to log lost sales whenever the quantity of an item on the order is changed. We have a recent request to expand this program to allow the user to select a reason code and to update the quality event database.